Day two in the bag!

Well I did 25 mi today. Very painfully. Having some trouble with my sciatic nerve on my left side. Going to wear my back brace tomorrow I think that will improve things. I still made 2.30 mph and that includes an hour and a half in a lock. Sitting here in the sunshine eating some food from the grocery store that’s right next to where I’m at. Plenty of bananas and donuts. That is a good healthy diet I think.

Last night after talking to Barry Smith he is trying to arrange for me to be on the Bill Cunningham show on 700 WLW in Cincinnati. He thinks that Bill would be interested in my story. He also is trying to arrange for me to stay at a casino close to the mouth of the great Miami River for one night. It might be so nice that I’ll stay three! He also is arranging with VFW in a couple other towns for places for me to stay. I had camping locations but they were stealth camping locations.

One thing that I’ve learned on this trip is that if you want to paddle the Ohio River there are lots and lots and lots of stealth camping locations as long as you don’t mind picking up the litter first. The one I’m staying at tonight I’m staying upstream from the creek so that if it floods tonight it will go by me. I don’t think it’s supposed to rain tonight but tomorrow and for the next two or three days it is supposed to.

So I will be ready for the rain tomorrow. Supposed to do 27 miles, hopefully I can finish that. Tomorrow I start here at the confluence of the little yellow Creek and go to the buffalo refuge Island. I have to make up a day sometime there’s one short day of only 17 miles that I think I will cut into pieces.

One thing I’ve learned is the barge waves aren’t really that bad compared to the waves that you get from the wind when it’s blowing at you. Yesterday the wind was behind me so I had to take my flag and put the casing on it because it was slapping me in the back of the head. Today I had to put the casing on it because it was making the boat extremely hard to paddle. I may have should have brought a smaller flag. But I do want to look good!

Well I better get my tent set up and probably get some much needed rest after I eat a little more.

One thought on “Day two in the bag!

  1. Hang in there. Stretches will help the back thing. The only thing that’s kept me going all these years. Don’t know if you can factor in down days. Congrats on getting the potential interview. I put in another plug for donations on my column.


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