Ready for Mucking!

I found a great deal on these boots to replace the cheap ones I had. These are a size larger so I have room for a couple pare of wool socks. They are also made out of rubber instead of the PVC that I had before. When I got off the river last time there was lots of mud and after sitting a couple days with the mud on them and freezing, I decided I could just beat them together and the mud would fall off. That happened but I also beat a rip into the side of one of the boots. The freezing water would not have been good on my already cold feet. My new boots are rated to keep my feet warm in colder temps. I think they might get a work out tonight and tomorrow while I am out scraping off ice from everything.

Worked on my daily plans again last night. If the trip only works as well as the plans, it should be a breeze. Of course, the plans don’t take into account rain 50% of the days, or a freak snow storm. The plan for flood water is easy, GET OUT, and go home.

It is on days like the next two that I am glad I at least have a gas stove to heat my house when the electric goes out. I have lots of battery power for flashlights. My well is artesian so I will have water even if the pump doesn’t work. It will mean carrying buckets of water but, I can even still flush the toilets. A country boy can survive has always been my motto. I hope everyone stays safe and is ok through this storm. Freezing rain always concerns me. The groundhog did not see his shadow here today so I hope that means we can get on the rivers in a couple weeks and have great times!

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