The little man on my shoulder!

I so much wanted to go down the river today, it being the warmest day of the month so far, and a big storm coming tomorrow. The river has to be clear of ice since that big warm up yesterday, for sure. All night long, this nagging voice kept singing me this song “Ice, Ice, Baby!” By the time I woke up, I was convinced, that it would not be a safe proposition to put a boat in the water today. I can thank my little man that sits on my shoulder, when it comes to paddling, Little Irv Oslin. I bet you guys did not know he knew how to sing did you. You should experience it, one time, and probably ONLY one time.

Over the last year, Irv and I have become great paddling buddies going down several rivers together and spending nights around a campfire talking about life. I have come to trust his judgement most of the time and if I do not, then the little guy comes out on my shoulder and reminds me. I guess I could get a fly swatter and knock him off but probably am better off to listen and head his wisdom.

Since I could not paddle the river today, I went down and took a few pictures, and guess what? Clear sailing, lol. But who knows what is further down the river and what trees have fallen in. This cold weather paddling is something to take very seriously. If you fall in it can be your life, in a matter of seconds. After my experience last Memorial Day weekend almost drowning and getting hypothermia, I do take this very serious, but I have not come to the point of putting on a ice covered wet suit in the morning. I will leave that for Irv to do, a warm cozy blanket and pillow will have to suffice for a few more weeks.

Speaking about a few more weeks, 89 days and I will be on the river in Pittsburg, headed South West. Planning is still going well. I have most of the campsites secured. I have most of my equipment purchased and packed away. I could pack my boat tomorrow and leave, but I think I will wait 89 more days. In the mean time, I do want to organize a Kokosing River over night with a stay on the island I was on near Howard and pull out at Zuck Road or Riley Chapel. I think about March 1 or there abouts would be good. I think I will be spending a lot of time on the Kokosing training this Spring, and my usual Ariel Foundation Park lake. Might as well train on a lake to get used to having NO current helping me down the river.

Kokosing River

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