Back on track!

Last week I started to get back on track on my ketogenic diet. I took my carb consumption down to 20-40 g a day and protein to 80g. It took three days but I got back into ketosis and feel so much better now. I put a couple reminder signs up, one on the place where we keep the keys to the car so I won’t go out on midnight Ice cream runs, and one on the refrigerator to remind me of my goal. They are helping. In 4 days I lost 8 pounds. It can’t be all my hydration either because I drink about a gallon and half of fluid a day. My goal is 180 pounds by the end of this Summer. That would be my high school graduation weight. I have 40 more to go to get there. You would be amazed at how good you feel when you are in ketosis.

A little reverse psychology!

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