Good News!

I received word from the Lawrence Creek Campground that I will be spending the night with them on May 15th. I sent them a email just yesterday and John Abbott got back with me and offered me a tent site for the night. I look forward to this stop. From the photos on their web site and looking at it from Google Maps, it sure looks like a wonderful place. There number is 606-584-7805.

Last night I started cleaning out clutter on my Face Book account. It is amazing how in 15 years you can accumulate so much garbage. It is not wonder they know everything about us, in my case, I gave it all to them. I am going to be more selective on what I share on social media. If you don’t already know my opinion on something, I am sure that you don’t care what my opinion is on something, especially politics. It is amazing how tedious it is to go back and delete all these posts, but off into the cyber trash bin they will go.

This morning was a great time to do some computer clean up also. I moved things around and dusted. As you can see I have lots of places for dust to collect. I use these computers to control my recording studio.

In my spare time last night, I took some flashing and made a wind screen for my stove. Simple and won’t last forever but cheap!

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