Mohican Exit on SR715

It is impossible to get back to the confluence of the Kokosing and Mohican now because of mud and ruts in the road, I have discovered a possible “emergency” stop gap measure till someone fixes the road, at least for getting off the Mohican. Between Bridge of Dreams there are no access points on the Mohican river till the end of it at the Confluence. Try this one on your next trip. This is called emergency extraction because it is not a normal access point on the water trail. Technically you are trespassing on private property getting out on the East side of the river. On the West side it is owned by Muskingum Valley Watershed District. Be respectful and don’t leave litter or disturb the land.

I went to the South East corner of the Bridge of SR 715 over the Mohican River. The top of the map is North.

I hope this helps people have a better trip down the river and be able to enjoy the whole river.

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