What would you do with a million dollars?

Have you ever sat around and wondered, what would I do with a million dollars? What if I won the lottery? Just how would I spend it? I am pretty sure what I would do. After my trip around the world, and paying off my bills, and of course buying a couple new kayaks and canoes, with the other $990,000.00 I would buy 1 million Onion Bags.

What would I do with 1 million Onion Bags you ask. Well, the first thing I would do is go to every canoe/kayak livery in the state of Ohio, and give them 500 bags to give out with their rentals. I would ask them to collect up the bags, sort out the recycles and recycle them and dispose of the other litter and trash properly.

I would put a box at each and every boating access point on every body of water in the state of Ohio. In these boxes I would have Onion Bags stuffed for boaters to take one to use for their litter while boating. There would be trash cans and recycle cans at every access point for disposal of the litter and a box for them to put the bag back into for reuse.

I would pay groups that pick up litter on the road ways and water ways a stipend for every bag of litter they pick up no matter what time of year they pick it up. I would pay them to pick up tires off the side of the road and out of our rivers.

That is what I would do with a million dollars. Now the next year I would look fo get another million to keep the program going. Of course none of these ideas are original to me. I didn’t come up with any magic solution to the litter problem. Some of these programs are already in place to some extent. I’m just thinking what I would do.

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