Water Temperature 62!

With the air temp of 78, that gave us a warm balmy 140, well above the 120 rule, and to think it was only April 13th. By the way, there is snow in for forecast for next week. Ohio, it sure has some bipolar weathe!

So off to the river we went. Finally a river trip without wet suits, muck boots, wool clothing and taking extras of everything stowed away. I was almost hoping for a roll over into that wonderful clear stream, but not too much.

Slight hints of green lined the banks, the invasives in their full glory, clawing out their existence and shading everything else out, but I was glad to see the green. The sky was cloudless, the wind was calm, the sun was beaming and burning. I actually had to apply sunscreen. The water was high enough from the previous week’s storms to hold us over the rocks without hitting. Flood waters had gently pushed past strainers over to the side creating wonderful aquatic habitat that will help the fry have hiding places while they grow. The rock beaches were high and dry and many a new delight had been uncovered by the Spring deluges. There were lots of slag glass pieces from the previously broken leavy in Mount Vernon. Quartz and granite were abundant, and many unique shapes of sandstone.

All the treasures were stowed away as we proceeded to the next bank and more finds. There were smiling people to talk to as we floated. Sharing stories of the river as we always do. Do you know “so and so?” Did you hear about ….? We also identified many tires that will need to be picked up later along with several pieces of litter. Today was for reconnecting with that water, that sun and it’s consuming warmth, burning the shivers out of our beings. Tomorrow or the next, we will return to pick up the pieces Beautiful Kokosing! That is a promise.

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