First Aid Kits – Don’t Forget the Mustard!

I will have to let Charlie Duffy, my instructor for Wilderness First Aid that he has started a run on the mustard supply of the nation. I have researched it, and still have no definitive answer as to why mustard would work for leg cramps, but I will trust in the advise, and at least try it. I have a hundred packs of it in my personal first aid kit, I sure hope it does not break open all over everything. Can you imagine the smell?

Back to the topic at hand. First Aid Kits

This information is taken from “Wilderness First Aid” by Andrew Turner, Chris Noyes, James Sanborn, and Charlie Duffy.

Personal First Aid Kit

  • Adhesive cloth bandages (6) (make sure they are the cloth type, the plastic bandaids will fall off in water!)
  • Sterile gauze pads, 3×3 inch (2)
  • Adhesive tape, 1 inch wide roll (1)
  • Moleskin, 3×6 inch (1)
  • Soap (1 small bar) or alcohol based hand sanitizer
  • Wound Gel (triple antibiotic, Neosporin)
  • Scissors or trauma sheers
  • Latex-free medical exam gloves (2 pair)
  • CPR breathing barrier (1)
  • Tweezers
  • Biohazard bag (1) (small trash bag)
  • Paper and pen or pencil for notes

Put your kit in a water proof case or bag, after you put everything in another waterproof bag. This stuff will get wet, check it frequently, nothing worse than having soggy bandages to put on the bleeding. You can put it in separate pockets, it does not have to be all together, just have it all on you at all times while you are on the water.

This kit should be in your boat or even kept in your PFD every time you float!

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