A “Wild” Night In Clifton!

Last night, the Little Miami Watershed Network, and the Little Miami Conservancy held a 50th anniversary party to celebrate 50 years of being designated a National Scenic River. It was a real party with balloons and cake with candles and cupcakes, fudge and refreshments!

The scene was the Clifton Opera House, a historic, lovely building with pipe for handrails and seats that were uncomfortable (the originals.) The parking was small town, but what a lovely little clean town. I arrived early and got to park close.

Former Ohio First Lady, Hope Taft was the MC for the event. She is very involved in Ohio’s rivers. We had speakers that explained the economic impact of the Little Miami River. There was a short movie on the Little Miami.

When I walked in to the building, I started talking to people and the Onion Bag Boxes came up, I was surprised at the number of people that had seen them. I then became known at the “Onion Bag Man”. There was little or know cellphone connection and I went on a last minute decision to the event, so I was not prepared to share any literature. Most had seen my blog article about the boxes. A member of the Conservancy was interested and wanted more information. I also had the opportunity to invite several people to our Marietta trip this year including Gov. Bob Taft and Hope his wife. Over all it was a great networking event. I got to meet lots of nice people, and it was very crowded. People love that Little Miami River, and I know their secret, from going down it last year to Paddlefest.

I will continue going to these events in the future, but next time I will take a pocket full of literature. I was amazed that so many people knew about the Onion Bag Boxes. Ohio Scenic Rivers has shared this blog on their site last week and it got shared to many other groups in Ohio. The good magic of Social Media!

On a side note, gas was 50 cents a gallon cheaper over that way!

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