Quite a productive day!

I started out the morning going to Riverside Park in Mount Vernon and filling that box with bags and putting the sponsor sign on the side. Don and Gayle York, thank you again very much for sponsoring this box and the one at the confluence. You might remember this couple from our September River rally, she is the one who had a injury and had to drop out. She is making a fine recovery and will be joining us on future events along, with her husband.

Riverside Park Mount Vernon

Than it was off to Fredericktown to Kokosing Lake. This box was sponsored by Sonya Bollin and dedicated to all Veterans. Thank you Sonya!

After installing that one I went to the South Marina on Knox Lake and installed a box which has not been sponsored yet.

After that one was installed then I went to the north Marina at Knox Lake and installed a box which is not yet sponsored.

Next I was on my way to Brinkhaven, it was quite a drive. But I got to see Lori Tottman who was having a meeting about the damn removal at brinkhaven. I also picked up some litter around that Park and filled the onion bag box and also put the sponsorship sign on the side. I forgot to take pictures but this box was sponsored by the same family who sponsored the one at Bridge of Dreams except this was Mike Good’s Sister who sponsored this one. Thanks again for the sponsorship from this family who suffered quite a loss when they lost Mike in the Mohican River over Labor Day weekend.

I had quite a trip back to the confluence. It was just a little bit muddy which is an understatement it was absolutely crazy. There was several points I thought while I was going to have to call a tow truck. I made it back there and put the sign on from the sponsor Gail and Dawn York again. Thank you very much for your generosity and caring about the river.

Well I drove to Danville got me a cup of coffee and stopped at the hospital to see Sonya for a second and give her the cup she left in my car last weekend when we went for the Veterans Day float. Then I went to Memorial Park in Mount Vernon and exchange that box with the special one that I made. I just had to do it I wanted to show off that red white and blue box in a place where lots of people would see it.

Thank you again for all our great sponsors who are paying for the bags that will fill up these boxes all year in 2023. That will take the burden off of Paddle for Heroes to raise the money to buy the bags and put in the boxes. This project is expanding exponentially and hopefully someday we’ll have all the access points to all the rivers in Ohio covered!

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