“A little Help From My Friends!”

This week started with of course Labor Day Weekend being rained out for the most part. I had a few chores with onion bag boxes to accomplish. My friend and adopted daughter Rose joined me as we put a new box in at the ODNR park and launch at Brinkhaven, and another one at Greer and Bridge of Dreams. 

When we arrived at Bridge o Dreams there were several fire fighting vehicles, empty boat trailers and various other emergency vehicles, but no people. I just assumed they were doing some training and when on my way putting in the new super sized onion bag box. A truck pulled up and men got out ,got in a few of the fire vehicles and they drove off. I asked one if they were training and he said no it was real there was a person drown in the river.  

There was nothing in the news. I asked a Face book friend is she knew what was going on and she forwarded a post that said they were looking for her uncle in the river and they were meeting at Bridge of Dreams on Wednesday morning for a search down the river.

Rose and I packed up and as there ready to go in the river, but none else showed up. Due to lack of information we decided to go home, after a visit to the Amish  bakery outside of Danville. After getting home I get word that no one is searching for this man. The fire department had said their area was searched and that the next jurisdiction down the river would have to take over. I decided right there that someone was going to search, me.  I loaded up to be able to stay on the river at least three days and headed to Brinkhaven.

Another friend along the river allowed me to camp a night at her property, it was close so that helped. I searched a mile of river and set up camp to get a early start. Rose wanted to join me so I paddled back upstream to get her at Bridge of Dreams.  We loaded up and off we went.

We did about as well as we could only being able to closely search one side. After floating about 12 miles we got out loaded up and went home for some rest. The next day doing it all over.

No one has located this man yet. We are hoping that he has not gone very far down the river.  Fire and Rescue will be out again today.  I hope they find him. If not tomorrow I am going to head to Coshocton on the river.

You might ask yourself, why does he do this?  I think the answer would be, because I can. I have a boat, I have time, I have some skill in that boat. I am retired, why not? I don’t want to be in this family’s circumstance. I hope there are people out there who would search for me. I am reminded of the beauty of the river every day, but also reminded of it’s power.

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