Always the Best!

It seems no matter where I am paddling, at the time, it is the best te I have ever had! Have you ever noticed that about yourself? This week on the Little Miami has been great. Who could not enjoy a few days with good friends and my best friend nature?

Started the week at the Narrows Park put in. Beautiful park. It did not take me long to sense something different about this river. It had good flow, was not too wide and plenty of curves, riffles and small rapids to keep me occupied. What I did not see or hear were Canadian Geese! It was three days before I even saw one and still have not heard one. Whatever they are doing over here we need to try at home

The second daywad the most challenging day on any river I have had. There were areas that were plugged with stainers almost totally. We worked as a team and Joeys leadership and knowledge got us through! We e lifted boats over logs, roped them under logs and over a dam (empty of course.) It was impressive how we all worked together to get through.

Heat of course has been a issue. We have out hats and sunscreen and cooling towels. Sn occasional swim helps. Paddling in the shade as much as possible helps also. It has been wonderful sleeping weather.i have slept better on this trip than ever on a camping trip.

That brings us to today. When the sun gives us a peep of light, we are off. We should have four hours of dry weather. We have 15 miles to go. I am sure as the water that keeps flowing down that this team will make it and be right on time!

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