Kokosing River Scouting Report 6-15-22 1140-1340

Water Level was 5.33 ft 990 cfs reported at Mount Vernon

First Strainer is an old one just off Glenn Road. 40.37350854970736, -82.45126945284207. It consists of a root ball in the middle of the river. You can make it around to the right, or portage on the gravel bar on the left.

40.361749, -82.392247 this is not a strainer but it is a cable from a electric pole hanging in the water. You can get under it.

40.366983277190975, -82.37120623226505 Lots of debris in the water blocking the River Right passage. Go through the canal on River Left. The root ball that was in there last year is not there anymore and it is clear sailing.

40.3819596221791, -82.3576177227819 This one is across the entire river. You can get under the Left side of it. The right side will be blocked at lower water.

I have no pictures of this, but there is a lot of debris and weird currents next to this island at Indian Field park. 40.385002813466365, -82.33689256138899

40.39810123944191, -82.32979147624927 These are approximate coordinates. There is a large tree on River left blocking over half the river, and just past it is another on river left, and just past that is a large one on river right. There is no place to get under safely. I am thinking that when the river goes down that going River left at the first tree is the best bet. I did not notice any good portage areas either. This one took me under. I almost lost my boat and had to swim a half mile to catch up with it. Be very careful around this one.

From Howard on, there is a large debris field at the Rt 36 bridge after Millwood. There are a couple passable dangerous debris fields near Riley Chapel. Rose Caskey has seen those and can let us know about them.

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