Onward to Gallipolis

After my stay on Letart Island, I was ready to go! It was still dark when I woke up, but I started packing anyway. Taking stuff to the boat, I hoped I could get it out of the mud. Sun rising and boat loaded I was on my way. The mud did not prove to be much of a issue.

The sunrise was beautiful and I was so happy to be back on the river! It was moving quick, I was making almost 5 miles per hour. That would stop soon. I called the Racine lock and they told me they would not recommend that I go through, but I told them I didn’t have a choice. They prepared the lock. When I arrived there was a hundred yards of logs, trees, litter, car tires, and anything else that was floating down the river for me to pick my way through to even get into the lock.

Safely tied into the mooring float we started going down. Everything, me and the crap, down and down. The doors opened and I could leave, I think. It took me 45 minutes to dig my way through. As I was leaving I noticed three men on the gangway. I asked them who had the money on me making it through? They laughed, I don’t think any of them bet on me.

The water on the other side of the dam was calmer than I was used to. I crossed to the other side, got back in the current and hoped to make up some time. Next thing I know I am approaching Pomeroy, Ohio. I seen what I thought was a reasonable place to land and go to the grocery. The wall was steep and large limestone. I climbed slowly and made my way to the grocery. I got some Powerade, some water and cream cheese pastries. Back to my balanced diet.

As I paddled down the river I noticed a nice landing ramp downtown Pomeroy and a store close. A hundred yards later a lovely dock next to McDonalds. Jumping the gun again.

I paddled hard and found a park to meet my old High School buddy Ervin. He was picking me up and we were staying at the Super 8 for some glamping. I got their before him so I took the time to wash off all the mud from my gear. I changed clothes, and put on comfortable shoes. Ervin arrived and off to Walmart and the hotel we went. We had 40 years to catch up on all in one night. We went to Bob Evans and got a huge breakfast for supper.

Ervin took me back to the park to set off in the morning. I got off early and had hot coffee and 2 pounds of Oreos for my daily bread. It was hot, I paddled hard, and hoped to find a great place to camp. It was Friday the 13th. The rest is history.

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