Day 7-8 Marietta Glamping

It was good eating, hot showers and a warm comfortable bed for the next two and a half days. Even Spaulding got a shave, hair cut and a shower.

I had a serious reconsideration of all the stuff I brought with me. I was being met Sunday by Marsha my wife and Rose my close friend and there was going to be some stuff going back with them. When I started the trip it was still cold out and I brought some cold weather clothing, that all went back. I had cooking stuff and a way to brew coffee, that all went back, replaced by room temperature monster drinks, one for each day. My old tent went back, replaced by the new one that Jason and Bland and I picked up at Wal Mart. My air mattresses went in the dumpster, they were worthless and got way to many holes.

I repacked everything and put it in two less bags. I probably should have sent about half my clothing home. I still held on to my hooded sweatshirts they made nice pillows and it still got chilly in the mornings. Things were all nice and neatly packed, all my batteries were recharged. I cleaned my boat out, put my portage wheels under it that Marsha brought. I was ready to go.

On the lighter note, I did get to eat pizza in a place with live music, have a sub sandwich delivered to the room, and have a pizza delivered to the room. I think maybe I am of one mind with it comes to food. What do you think?

Where I have to GO!

The water at Marietta has risen from 20 feet on the gauge to 33 feet over night on the 7th and was not expected to drop much until Monday the 9th.

2 thoughts on “Day 7-8 Marietta Glamping

  1. I don’t know you but am proud of someone ( in my age bracket) going on this adventure. Alone! I know you have followers and support but you are still out there alone. Makes me want to learn to kayak and get out in Lake Erie and the Grand River. Thank you for sharing your trip! I’m curious if you have seen alot of snakes? Stay safe!

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