Day 5 – Laundry Day

The night on Captina Island was ok.  I slept pretty good even though my sleeping bag was wet.  I was lucky that they night was warm. Close to sunrise, I started receiving text messages.  A man named Roger Miller was telling me to come across the river to Powhatan Point and there was a laundry where I could dry my things out. The sun was barely peaking over the horizon, and I was on the move. Packed and on the river I texted Roger and told him I was on my way and that I hoped it was not to early.

After crossing the river I paddled a short way up Captina Creek and found a lovely city park and boat landing. I unloaded my boat, tied it up and then all of a sudden there was a jeep backing up to the landing. It was Roger, he came to meet me and get me to the M&M Dual Wash.  After everything was in the washer, I headed over to Shreff’s Hometown BBQ for a pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw for breakfast.  I hope Roger and his wife know how much they helped me on my trip.  They boosted my moral and got me back on the river.

So it was back to paddle, paddle, paddle. I would have rather done laundry all day.  This narrative is somewhat boring, and that is because the mile after mile of going down this river is extremely boring. Over and over, dip the paddle in and pull.  Over and over. Eventually I made it to Paden Island, and entered into the small canal that runs between the island and the town of Paden City.

The sides of the island were high, very high. Six to eight feet high at times. I found no place to land.  I paddled all the way to the furthest downriver tip of the island and still found no place to get onto the island, but there was a place to land the kayak and explore.  I got out, and rounded the island and found a ledge that was not to bad but covered in tall weeds.  It would be ok if the water did not rise any more than a foot with the rains that were forecast.

I pulled the weeds over, making a bed of soft weeds and then set up my tent on top of them.  It wasn’t a bad idea. Got things set up and found some good trees to tie my boat to. Soon I was asleep and slept pretty good the rest of the night. 

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