Everything is packed. Boat is tied down, and retied down, and retied down. I wonder around the house looking for things that I have forgotten. I weighed my gear and with the water I have 190 pounds of stuff in the boat. 220 pounds of me, and 79 pounds of boat and that is close to the 500 limit. I guess I am going to have to loose weight and drink the water, and eat some of the food.

All the litter that we collected has been turned in, we had 175 bags total and probably was the top collector in the county for this year. I was also drafted into leading a team this fall on the river clean up to make up for a group that has dropped out for this year.

I have three other campgrounds I am staying at. Sandy Springs Campgrounds in Stout, Ohio, Virginia Point Park Campgrounds in Kenova, West Virginia, Riverfront Park in Brandenburg, Kentucky. Looking forward to spending the night in these places. I also have a stay in New Richmond, Ohio that will turn into a group paddle with a group from that area led by Penny Greenler from that area, she is helping me with a pace to stay in New Richmond for the night.

At 0500 we take off from my driveway headed to Pittsburg. Pick up my spare driver Sonya in Apple Valley and then we are on our way. Irv Oslin will be with us, he has to sit in the back with the dog, Sailor. Sailor will keep him warm on the way.

Do I have to sit with Irv?

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