Actually a day and a half and it is Pittsburg bound. It is hard to believe this day is finally arriving. I have looked forward to this for months. Is it to late to change my mind? Am I actually going to do this? Yes and Yes!

Sitting here I see the trailer and truck loaded with litter to turn in tomorrow at the Annual Spring Clean up at the Fair Grounds. 175 bags collected for and by Paddle for Heroes. That will be offloaded tomorrow and then it is van cleaning time. Check the oil, gas it up, and start loading.

I have been watching every video on Youtube about the Ohio River today that I can find. It looks more like the Ohio Sea in some places. Between the distance across it and the choppy water, I am sure that at times I am going to think I am at sea.

I am already planning my trip next year. I think that I am going to build my own boat for this one. One with pedal power and paddle power, and sleeping quarters on it. It will be heavy but it will also be stable and more efficient.

I continue to relax, sleep a lot. Catch up on some tv shows. Read a little, and plan and plan and plan in my head for anything and everything that can happen on this trip.

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