Can this all fit?

6 days till launch day. Packing almost done, boat is ready, but can this all fit? Good thing I have at least 200 pounds of capacity for gear! Another good thing is, my boat seems to paddle easier when it is loaded. My solar panel is working, and I can charge all my electronics so I can keep up with my blog. My video camera is working so I can post some video of the trip. All my camp sites are set up, with back up’s just in case. Plans made for bad weather. Even have tested if I can sleep in my boat, which I can, if I recline my seat, cat naps are possible. Many many supports are in place. I have enough clothing to go two weeks with out doing laundry, so I am ok there. I have a lighting system set up for night travel if it becomes necessary. A light that can be seen from distance and all 360 degrees, and I have a spot light that will help me find my way. I have lots of coffee and fuel to make it with. Plenty of water bottles to carry a few gallons of water. Lots of sunscreen and bug spray packed, along with the body wipes for my daily bath, lol. I am sure I have forgotten something, but I have helpers along the way that can assist me.

All that is left to do, is to rest up this week and refresh myself. I will do frequent meditation. I will also eat all the ice cream I can get ( just kidding.) I have so many people to thank for helping me with this entire project. I have been told I am a inspiration to some, and if I am, I am glad. I hope I don’t let you down. I can promise you this, I will give it my best effort. I will not quit unless I am totally defeated by health, weather, or some other uncontrollable circumstance. The best thing about it all, is I know I am never alone.

Next year, just to let you all know, I will be doing the entire ride all the way to New Orleans. Make your plans to join me! I am going to put my boat in close to my house in Mount Vernon and follow the water to the Gulf of Mexico. Then who knows, maybe turn left, and go over and see Jonathan Noel in Florida!

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