Kokosing River Strainer Report 4-3-22

First strainer is at 40.373589875002985, -82.45123874433457. There is access from the land via a farm on the North side of the river. Owners of property BURKE RICHARD G & RHETA L, no contact has been made for permission to use their property. There is a safe portage around this strainer. Water was 3.50 ft 247 cfs at Mount Vernon.

40.373589875002985, -82.45123874433457
40.373589875002985, -82.45123874433457
40.373589875002985, -82.45123874433457
40.373589875002985, -82.45123874433457
40.373589875002985, -82.45123874433457

40.36254384576456, -82.39287352013984 Strainer that I reported to you the other day that we can get from Kenyon College property.

40.36254384576456, -82.39287352013984
40.36254384576456, -82.39287352013984
40.36254384576456, -82.39287352013984

40.357529735871026, -82.38535029110078 This is so strainer at Big Run, across from the canoe launch. It appears that this is actually a live tree with a lot of debris caught in it.

40.36589945629286, -82.38468971289802 Partial trainer, large tree on the side of the river. You can get around it, but at low water is going to pose a hazard.

40.381575745019184, -82.35807283516405 This tree goes all the way across. at lower water it will have to be portaged over.

40.38533557766192, -82.3354434333955 There is a lot of debris up against this island and much of it sticks out in the river and poses a hazard.

40.391902067159954, -82.33400806881993 Small amount of debris along the side of the river.

40.39772902142328, -82.33535780782843 Debris on side of river partial hazard.

40.39886078100243, -82.33213907118665 Debris in river, hangs out into the river.

40.39722839163049, -82.32892385149935 Root ball and tree in the middle of the river.

40.40212028103586, -82.32388006952834 This area has a huge amount of debris .

40.40364546155013, -82.32510703976018 Debris on River Right comes about half way out into the river.

More Millwood Bridge (dam) photos.

Only the first strainer required portage.

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