Training, Training, Training

A 981 mile trip is a huge challenge, and today, I am not ready physically. That changes now. I will be paddling 10 miles each day at Ariel Park, or on the river for a few days. I am choosing to paddle on the lake because it comes close as I can to paddling on the slow old Ohio River.

Come join me in my training sessions. Most days I will be at the lake at 7am and 6pm. Each session will be 5 miles, which is a little over 3 laps of the lake. I will paddle rain or shine. This is because I do not get the choice when I am on the river, so might as well get used to it.

I went to the park today and it was beautiful, the water is up, and it is clean. There is very little litter around, which I will take care of tomorrow. Bring your boat and let’s paddle.

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