The Water Jug

I don’t know about you but I have spent some money in the past on water jugs for my boat. No more! I have found that these flat juice jugs are the best. They are flat so they don’t roll around in the boat. They are cheap because they are free. Before you toss them in the recycle bin use them a couple times for water.

First I rinse them out, then put a couple tablespoons full of bleach in it with water and soak it overnight. (I use sanitizing or unscented or the water to tastes like it came from the washing machine!) I pour that out and rinse with hot water several times. If there is a lingering odor I then put a couple tablespoons full of baking soda in with water and let it soak.

Now a note about the plastic. I would imagine that the juice that sat in that jug for three years probably soaked up most of the bad stuff. If not my recommendation is. Clean the jug good. Don’t store water for extended periods, this is not for your survival water that will sit in your closet for ten years. These are not made for hot drinks, make you coffee with the water but don’t pour it back into the jug to drink it. (In a pinch I’ve done that and no toes fell off and I can still remember my name.)

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