Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away

Spring,or as some would say, “False Spring,” is here. The brisk March winds that I flew kites on as a youth came in with a roar yesterday. Now the nourishing rains are falling. Of course I would rather be out on the river, floating along enjoying the wildlife and dreading the muddy pull out at the end.

Today will have to be a day of planning, clean up and packing for the next trip. I don’t know about you, but I am always doing something involving my next trip. I always unpack everything because the next float will be totally different and have unique needs. It may even have a different purpose such as being a time for a short litter pick up trip, or a strainer scouting trip. My friend Irv Oslin calls that “Bushwhacking.” I still have not found that waterproof chain saw to take with me, and I find those trips are more “boat dragging!”.

Most people do not have the time available that I do to invest in this persuit. I am very fortunate in this, and I try to use my time to help those who don’t have it by doing the detail work and planning. All Winter I sat around going over maps and planning trips. I still want to checkout how that guy paddled across the Country! What a adventure!

I am almost always ready for a good paddling. Only takes me an hour and I will be packed and loaded an on the road to wherever the adventure is. Text me, call me, email me or send me a post in this group and we can head down the river or explore some lovely lake.

To qualify that, I am not a white water person they have their boats packed on their back and are ready to be on the water in twenty minutes even when the water is two hours away!

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