A New Loading System

I did not like using the other system I developed for putting my boat on top of my van, so I checked out some systems that you can buy and said to myself, “Self, you can make that!” I changed my rack from what came from the factory to more beefy 2×4 cross beams, that way I can fit two boats up there and tie them down very easily. I made a pull out pole out of a 1 inch PVC with a extendable tent pole, one inside the other, so I have two metal poles, and one PVC that slide inside a 1 1/4 inch PVC that is attached to one of the cross beams on the rack. I pull the pin, slide the pole out about 24 inches, put the pin back in, put the front of the boat up on the pole. Then I lift the back of the boat up on the rack, slide it over and tie it down. If I need to I can put another boat up there. Hopefully the pictures will show it better than I am explaining it. lol.

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