A great day on the river!

Is there a such thing as a bad day on the river? Today qualify as one of those great days. It was not to cold, the water was not too high or swift. There was lots and lots of wildlife to see. A racoon almost jumped out of a hollow log at me but decided to just snarl at me as I went past.

I started the day at 730 pulling my kayak from my home to the viaduct in Mount Vernon and put in there. I paddled to 5.6 miles to Gambier and met my paddle buddies for the day, Rose and Ashlee. After coming close to breaking a hip or two navigating the steep ice covered hill to the river we got set up and took off. We paddled 13.2 miles to Millwood and got out and were met by my wonderful son Charlie who shuttled us and gear back to Gambier and me to home.

On the trip I introduced my paddle buddies to my favorite kayak food. Kokosing River Mud. For some reason they said it looked like dog sh…t . I wonder why. At least it didn’t taste like it.

Overall it was a great day and I can’t wait to do it again. Hopefully there will be a good day next week to get out.

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