Old Glory!

Can’t imagine going on a long trip without displaying Old Glory on my boat. I made the mounts very secure with steel bars under the plastic so they won’t break off. They are removable and hold in with a cotter type pin. The back pole will have several more flags on it by the time I make the trip. After taking this picture and looking at the background I notice the ramp. Three years ago I was using that ramp with my rolling walker that I needed just to walk to the back alley. Now I can pick up my boat and carry it from the house to the back alley, and have regularly pulled it on wheels over half mile, and even over Mohawk Dam. It is amazing what getting active did for me. It is the one thing I can thank COVID for, that it got me off my ass and started to take life seriously.

I made couple more stickers for the back of my kayakmobile.

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