Getting Creative

I don’t know about you, but I will not carry my kayak on top of my vehicle without a bow and stern strap holding it down. Sometimes I even skip the straps over the middle if I have a good line to the front and back. On this new van I got, there are absolutely NO hookups for anything except a thousand USB ports to charge your phone, or 10 phones for that matter. So I looked up on line some solutions and then developed this one myself.

The steel bars are very thick and strong so they should not bend.

I also made some bumper stickers for the back.

Those are my good deeds for the day, think I will take a nap now. It is cold out there!

One thought on “Getting Creative

  1. Nice setup. A simple loop of strap bolted to the vehicle also works. I had one on either side of the hood on my Subaru Forester. It so happened that upper fender bolts were in a good position for this purpose. Fender washers recommended to take stress off of fabric.


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