Frigid Fingers!

After going up to GR Smith to get the bolts I needed, I started to put my new fasteners on the back of my boat but I only got three on. It was just way to cold, especially since I had to do it bare handed to hold the little nuts and washers. I need a nice warm garage to do all this in, but if I had one, I would probably do to many expensive modifications to it and that would just run up my cards to the limit, so better to have to do things in the cold.

Was considering going on a kayak camp early next week, the weather will actually be not to bad but, the rivers are full of ice and I don’t have a ice breaker so that leaves that out. I think I will go for a road trip and scout out some of the parts of my Ohio River trip just to see what it all looks like. With the steep banks along the river, what looks like a good camping area on Google Maps, might end up being a 50 foot sheer wall of shale. A good recon of the area will help I am sure.

Last night and this morning I worked more on my email list to send out information about my trip. I got about half the American Legion posts along the river on there now. After finishing that list then I need to get all the AMVETS posts and VFW posts. It just occurs to me, that the VSO’s from each county in Ohio along the river will be another good resource, I will need to find them too and get them on my list. I am really trying to get the word out to help with raising money for Paddle for Heroes. All this money will allow us to provide more services to Veteran’s and First Responders and also help with our other projects like the Onion Bag project. Having more boxes this year, we will need many more bags, and I sure hope they are used.

I am enjoying all the river ice pictures that I am seeing on Face Book. Makes the rivers look lovely. The eagles sure seem to be active this time of year also, making more eagles.

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