Bungee…Ooops, I mean Cam Straps!

I learned a few months ago from the old sage, Irv Oslin that you should tie all your things in the boat with cam straps. Not bungee cords, not rope, and oh my goodness never ratchet straps. The idea being that if your boat goes over, everything stays tight in the boat and your dry clothes that you desperately need, are not floating down the river in that dry bag that you forgot to tie down. I can see that now, me chasing a dry bag down the river and through Factory Rapids in my long johns, ice building up on my beard as I slowly turn into a statue. Wake up!

So anyway, last night, at about 1am, I went through all my camp straps, some I needed to change the buckles on, and some just needed the ends cut off and melted so they didn’t fray. This morning I get my sewing machine out, with the look on my wife’s face of “here we go again” and before my morning coffee was even poured I am sewing away. I finally did get to the coffee and it was even still warm. As you all know I do like to make stuff myself rather than buy it off the shelf, and every once in awhile I come up with something that works.

For you die hard bungee cord people, I have some extras I can give you, they just sit in a bag now.

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