If it isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it!

I thought I should make this site look different for some reason, so this morning I go playing with settings and menus and themes, and thought I totally lost everything. It wasn’t broken, there was nothing wrong with the way it was, so why mess with it. Well I am constantly trying to tweek everything. Just part of my personality. I think I got it back to something like it was so now is time to leave it alone. lol

I got my new PFD in the mail Saturday and I am impressed. It is very light, fits perfect and will make a great paddling vest. My old one, I will wrap up and save for my back up. I will be taking back up PFD, paddle, phone, gloves, and glasses. I think that is probably pretty important.

Another cold and windy day. I did start last night making some brackets to mount a console between my legs in the boat. I have used it before but only strapped it in, I am going to mount it to the mounting rack on the boat for a more secure job.

If you are wondering what goes in this crate, essentials like TP, E tool, water, things you need quick.

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