What to do on a snowy day.

Looking outside, it sure does not look like a wonderful kayaking day. It would be if I had a dry suit and a ice breaker. I have found and watched several you tubes on how to get back in the kayak if you go over, and some on cold weather kayaking. These might interest you.

I also worked on and finished my mile marker chart. I still come up 20 miles short on the total mileage but I am sure it will work out in the end. It ill still be a 36 day trip with a short day on day 36 to get out of the water and go straight home.

I am wondering if I can find a place to take my small boat and go snow kayaking. Guess all I have to do is find a hill, it will surely be a one time trip up and down, I am not pulling that boat up several times.

I probably should get some Red Bull first!

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