Cabin Fever

I don’t know about you, but I am just going nuts being cooped up in the house and not being able to be out on the river in my yak. This is the time that I really need to plan and plan, and plan some more for this Ohio River trip. Going over maps and looking again. Finding spots to get food, water, use the restroom. On that note, I imagine because I will look like one, I will probably be treated like a homeless person and not welcome to just use the restroom at any 7-11 store on the way. I suppose I will have to shave once in awhile, lol.

My biggest concern is the locks, they are massive and intimidating. From the air, they look as though you could just pull your boat out, and portage maybe a quarter a mile and put back in easy peasy. Not the case. There are none that can be portaged, you must go through every single one. Those nice grassy areas are surrounded by high fences, and barbed wire. 9/11 just messed everything up. So through them I will go. Armed with my marine radio, my whistle, my loud horn, and the push button on the end of the lock that notifies the lock master, through the enormous doors I will go, little ole me consuming all that energy, time and water to just move a quarter mile.

Another concern is that the banks of the river can be cliffs not banks. Spots to land have to be chosen very carefully. This also means that if you go over, there is no swimming to shore, pulling the boat out, pouring the boat out and getting back in and going on. I will have to practice over at Ariel-Foundation Park, flipping my fully loaded boat, bailing it out enough to refloat it, and getting back in it and finishing the bailing, all while in deep water. This should be interesting. It will sure be a lesson on making sure that everything is strapped down tight.

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