Pills and Paddles

I got some new bottles (smaller) to put my medications in to take on my trip. For a 36 day trip you can’t just pack up everything in a weekly pill reminder and toss it in a zip lock bag and head down the river. Transporting that many medications without the original prescriptions on the bottles invites law enforcement to take long looks at what you are doing. So I am transferring them to smaller bottles and also transferring the labels. The reason I need to do this is because they put the dang things in such big bottles when they ship them. I mean 30 pills in a 6 oz bottle is a little much. So another thing to do to prepare.

I also got some nice comfortable paddle grips for my new paddle. They are the same ones I was using on my other paddle. They work great and I can paddle without gloves with them and not get blisters. I highly recommend them. Putting them on the paddle is another story. Especially in this cold weather, but with some pulling and heating with hot water and some good ole spit, on they went.

I also made myself, out of a peanut butter jar and a flashlight and some pvc pipe my required “white light, visible 360 degrees” to put on the boat should it get dark on me on the river. It will not be a permanent fixture on the boat but will be available if needed.

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