Ohio River Mud

This is what I am going to eat on the river mostly.

Ohio River Paste

IngredientAmountCaloriesFat GCarb GPro G
Peanut Butter1 Jar266022498112
Bacon Grease1/2 Cup104011200
Olive Oil½ Cup95510800
Almond Flower4 Cup25922249696
Cocoa Powder¼ Cup11821010
Cinnamon¼ Cup711201
Ginger¼ Cup841142
Nutmeg¼ Cup14412120
Real Salt1/8 Cup0000
Stevia30 packets0000
Eggs3 Whole215150119
Cream Cheese8 Oz720721616
Lemon Juice2 Tbl0000
Ground Flax2 Cups17601379460
Water1 Cup    
Mix everything and bake for 45 minutes at 350     
Makes 12 servings     

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