More Preparations

I got a new tent and have used it once. It is not perfect but will work on this trip.

Also got a new cooking set used it on my last campout and was very pleased with it. Easy to use and easy to clean.

Here is the solar charger that I purchased to keep my electronics charged up on the trip.

A absolutely needed item is a headlamp, also used it on my last camping trip and it worked well and is very bright. It used 18650 rechargeable batteries which I have switched to for most of my equipment.

A essential safety item in my boat will be this throw bag. I have practiced for years how to throw one, and do pretty good at throwing it. I like this one because the rope is very strong. Strong enough to even tow a larger boat.

There was a great sale on these base layer compression pants so I got 4 more pair. They protect my legs from sunburn and keep me warm on cool mornings.

I have purchased several items for this trip but all are necessary for a successful voyage. 105 days to go till launch date.

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